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Issue 3


The third issue of B|ta’arof Magazine, the Street Culture Issue, brings together popular and high art, searching for the extraordinary in the everyday. Its pages feature previously unseen works by Ardeshir Mohasses and Samira Yamin, interviews with Professor Persis Karim and professional skateboarder Salman Agah, and translations by Solmaz Sharif from Ahmad Shamlu’s Ketab-e Kuche. We also present here an influential contingent of artists working in Iran who have managed to catch the eyes of a global audience. Look out for interviews with acclaimed painter Ali Akbar Sadeghi and graphic designer Farhad Fozouni, a curated archive of film ephemera by Iran: RPM’s Ali Bakhtiari, graphic design by Aria Kasaei, and visual art pieces by Mohammad Khodashenas (MAMI). Situated alongside nonfiction and photo essays that interpret public life from a diasporic perspective, this collection walks through the world of Iranian experience one street at a time.